Support for Incubators and Investors


On behalf of incubators, accelerators and investors, I provide individual workhops for portfolio startups with the following focus areas:

  • Workshop: Idea Check
  • Workshop: Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas
  • Workshop: Pivot and Business Model Optimization
  • Workshop: Lean Startup and Lean Analytics (including Key Performance Indicators and Management Dashboard)
  • Workshop: KPI-based Finance Planning
  • Workshop: Pitch and Pitch Deck Optimization and Approaching Investors
  • Workshop: Financing Options (Bootstrapping, Business Angels, Venture Capital, Crowd, Grants etc.)


On behalf of incubators and investors, I provide coachings for portfolio startups with the following focus areas (additional consultants and service providers with the relevant skill sets can be appointed at any time from a large international network, if required):

  • Optimisation of business development (B2B / B2C), product management and project management
  • Optimisation of business mechanics based on key performance indicators
  • Customer growth, retention, monetisation
  • IT strategy, IT roadmap, release planning
  • Social media: SEO / SEA / SEM, ads, social networks, mobile, apps, cross-platform
  • eLearning, game-based learning, gamification
  • Analytics, tracking, user modelling, testing
  • Technology transfer between research and industry
  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data
  • Gaming (browser, social, multiplayer, mobile, location based, cross-platform)


As a committed networker with national and international contacts I like to connect incubators, investors and portfolio startups to:

  • Startups
  • Business and project ideas
  • Potential employees, freelancers and project teams
  • Service providers (development, design, marketing, sales, human resources, IT consulting, law, tax etc.)
  • Potential business partners (B2B)
  • Potential clients and deals
  • Potential co-investors


As an experienced entrepreneur, I am available as a mentor to portfolio startups of incubators and investors as a member of the advisory or supervisory board if required. As a mentor I am focussing on:

  • Entrepreneurship, business development, strategie, IT, market entry, customer growth etc.
  • Web, mobile, apps, AI, SEO / SEA / SEM, ads, social media, social networks, gaming, analytics, testing etc.
  • Optimisation of business mechanics based on key performance indicators
  • Contacts to potential co-founders, employees, business partnes and co-investors
  • Contacts to (international) service providers: development, design, marketing, sales, human resources, law, tax, research etc.